Our company offers a competitive/compensation package and we are an equal opportunity employer.

Location: St. Louis

Interstate Testing Services, a well respected construction materials testing lab, is seeking highly motivated individuals for full time employment.  Quality Control Materials Technician positions are open in the field of Aggregates, Concrete, and Hot Mix Asphalt testing.  A working knowledge of AASHTO, ASTM, and MoDot standards as well as MoDot technician and or ACI certifications is a plus.  Multiple positions are open with varying levels of materials testing experience. 

Good communication and computer skills (Microsoft Office) required.  

Projects and labs are located throughout the state of Missouri and some overnight travel and night work will be required.

Location: St. Louis

Interstate Testing Services, a well-respected construction materials testing lab, is seeking highly motivated individuals for full time employment.

Position Summary: 

This position will be responsible for day to day testing of bituminous construction materials, such as Asphalt Binder, Emulsions, etc. This position will require that a technician become familiar with all state and national specifications for bituminous construction materials, as well as learning all Testing Standards and Operating Procedures. 

Job Interactions:

This job interacts internally with all other team members of Interstate Testing Services. Specifically reporting to the Bituminous Technical Manager. External communication with customers will be required at times. 

Core Competencies: 

Candidate must show the ability to adapt and learn new techniques and procedures. Proven self-management skills during times of heavy work loads will be very desirable. 

Position will require the candidate to be highly motivated to accomplish numerous tasks at a time while retaining information. 

General Competencies:

  • Minimum 2-year degree in a scientific/engineering related background. (Not Required)
  • General laboratory experience. (Not Required)
  • Excellent understanding of MS Office, MS Word, and MS Excel. 
  • Ability to independently problem solve and work through multiple task situations. 
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