AASHTO R-18 Accredited

At Interstate Testing Services, our 7,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art lab is fully equipped to design and test in all areas of asphalt, aggregate and concrete. With experience totaling over 100 years, our skilled technicians combine forward thinking with the latest technologies to deliver timely and accurate test results.

Aggregate Testing

  • Fine & Coarse Aggregate Gradation
  • Fine & Coarse Aggregate Specific Gravity & Absorptions
  • Fine & Coarse Aggregate Specific Gravity Corelok Method
  • Dry Rodded Unit Weight

Hot Mix Asphalt Performance Testing

  • Hamburg Wheel-Track Testing
  • Semicircular Bend Geometry (SCB)
  • Illinois Flexibility Index Testing (IFIT)

Hot Mix Asphalt Testing & Design


  • Superpave Mix Design
  • Marshall Mix Design
  • Ultra-Bonded Asphalt Wearing Surface Design “Nova Chip/OGFC”
  • SMA Mix Design


  • RAP & RAS Analysis
  • Binder Ignition Oven Testing
  • Chemical Extractions
  • Resistance of HMA to Moisture Damage “TSR”

Advanced Capabilities

With years of experience, we can design mixtures with RAP, RAS, warm mix additives and rejuvenators. Coupled with our binder lab we can help you design the most economical mix to win jobs.

Fast Turn-Around

The technicians at Interstate Testing Services understand the fast-paced construction industry. Our DOT certified technicians deliver timely and accurate test results.

We offer many other specialized testing capabilities; contact ITS for pricing and a full list of our services.
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